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Red Leaf Enviro is part of Red Leaf Group and employs a multi-discipline approach to provide innovative engineering and construction services to the recycling and renewable energy sectors. We provide complete solutions for our client’s needs, using our unique understanding of these sectors to design, fabricate and install bespoke steelwork and concreting products.

With a directorship that has many years experience within the recycling and renewables sector, Red Leaf Enviro was created to provide a construction service that understands the unique needs of these industries. We’re dedicated to providing efficient solutions to our client’s needs while also considering our impact on the environment.


Our team are passionate about providing a professional, high-quality turnkey and piece-meal design, fabrication and installation services.

Our team’s knowledge and experience allow us to provide a highly professional and diligent service to our clients, working closely with clients to ensure their project is both efficient and within budget.




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The Red Leaf Enviro team have a unique understanding of the recycling and renewable energy sectors, with many of the team having experience working within these industries. We believe this allows us to have a better understanding of our client’s needs and allows us to provide an effective and efficient service to clients within this sector.

Red Leaf Enviro is driven by our core values: passion, innovation and responsibility, these values run throughout our company and we believe this allows us to provide a unique service that makes a difference to our client’s projects.

At it’s heart, Red Leaf Enviro is a family run business, our size affords us the resources and corporate structure to undertake large scale projects, while still retaining a flexible and tailored service. Asking the right questions and listening to our clients and, if needed providing novel solutions is an integral part of the service offered by Red Leaf Enviro.

We have worked hard to create the long standing and productive professional relationships with clients that we enjoy today. Providing a tailored service that fits our clients needs, utilising the technical and physical assets of Red Leaf Enviro allows us to provide an efficient, effective, budget-conscious service.


At Red Leaf Enviro we believe our company responsibility extends not only to our team and clients, but also to our community and our environment. Keeping the health and safety of all in mind, we adhere to the BuildUK code of conduct for contractors.

To Our Team

At Red Leaf Envrio we understand our team are paramount to our success, we believe that providing all team members with the option for personal and professional development will enhance their careers, which reflects back on Red Leaf Enviro and allows us to continue offering a high level of service in the future.

We support all our staff with in-house training and independent courses, this includes our office based teams and those out installing on site. Our staff are one of our greatest assets and helping them to develop only improves our services and offering as a company.

We’re committed to following a recruitment policy that focuses on diversity, equality and inclusivity. We believe it is our responsibility to create a diverse workforce that thrives on the fundamental values of fairness and respect. We operate a zero-tolerance modern slavery and human-trafficking policy.

To Our Clients

We understand that the quality or our work and service is the marker with which our clients will judge our service, and so we ensure that dedication to providing a high quality service is embraced by every member of our team.

We have a responsibility to our clients to provide high level of quality, both in our work and the services we offer. We set out this commitment in our quality policy statement, which is maintained by Red Leaf Enviro’s rigorous quality management system.

At Red Leaf Enviro, we understand the impact an efficient and budget friendly project can have on our clients, so we provide the highest level of respect to every business we work with. We offer a fair, honest pricing system and comply with the highest standards of competition, anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations.

To Our Community & Environment

Red Leaf Enviro understand the importance of our local economy, we consistently source services and materials from local suppliers. Providing not only a boost to the local economy, but also helping us to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising travel distances of supplied materials and equipment, allowing us to guarantee traceability in our supply chain while also supporting local businesses.

At Red Leaf Enviro we understand the impact the construction industry has on our environment. We aim to be an environmentally conscious contractor and believe that the construction industry as a whole has the responsibility to use sustainable practices and raise awareness of the environmental impact of construction. We seek to work with suppliers who use accredited sustainably sourced materials where possible, we also endeavour to maximise the productivity of materials by operating a recover, reuse and recycle policy where ever possible.

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