Expert design, fabrication and installation of custom steelwork and steel framed buildings

Permanent steelwork and structures are a core requirement in most recyclable and renewable sites, used for material and machine storage bays, housing material recovery lines and equipment that needs to be kept out of the elements. Our experienced team can design, fabricate and install complex steelwork structures to the highest standard, including skeleton, long span, single-span and multi-span designs based on your requirements.

At Red Leaf Enviro we understand that our clients are looking for efficiently designed, cost effective steelwork made from high quality steel, to ensure high productivity and longevity. Our experience in the recycling sector allows us to produce designs that will provide the most efficient layout for your material recovery line or material storage building, ensuring material storage space is maximised by locations of entry ways and storage bay walls and your recovery line has adequate floor space to ensure good operation.

Warehousing for Material Recovery Lines

Keeping recovery lines, staff and static machinery such as bailers, chippers and separators dry and out of the elements is important for any material recovery facility. We can provide design, fabrication and install of steel structured buildings suitable for recovery lines, materials storage and site offices. We can also provide a number of extra design features within your warehouse to maximise the space and functionality of your steel framed structure, including:

  • Stairs, railings and walkways
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Roller shutters and fire doors
  • Gantries and hoists

Warehousing for Material Storage Bays

Ensuring materials waiting to be processed for recycling are kept out of the elements in suitable storage facilities helps to keep them in a processable condition, these warehouses and storage bays should be configured to allow for maximum storage and vehicle accessibility, which in turn will help to maximise the facility’s throughput.

Storage of Heavy Equipment

Ensuring heavy equipment is stored in a safe and weatherproof environment when not in use is important. We can provide steel structures to house even the largest heavy plant, helping to keep machinery out of the elements and out of sight.

At Red Leaf Enviro we can design, fabricate and install a new storage warehouse for your equipment, taking into account your budget and requirements to provide a functional, affordable structure. We can provide additional elements for your building, including roller shutters, mezzanine floors, gantries, stairways and more. We can also work alongside other contractors to include additional features with you project, such as security and fire suppression systems.


enVar: Light plastic storage warehouse

Red Leaf Enviro were contacted by enVar to design, fabricate and install a new steel warehouse within an existing structure on a recycling site that would be suitable for the storage of light plastic waste.

Red Leaf Enviro completed the design, fabricated all the steelwork required off site and assembled it onsite to the highest standards.

The project provided enVar with the right storage solution for their light plastic materials.

The material storage bay with replaced L-blocks and steel frame for fire suppression system

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