Expeditious emergency shoring up and repair of concrete and steelwork

We understand that damage to your business property, infrastructure or machinery can have a dramatic impact on your day-to-day operations and so we provide an emergency and non-emergency structural repair service for all our clients.

Material storage bay fires and impacts on steelwork and concrete from machinery are common incidents we see in the recycling and renewable energy sector and our wide range of skills and experience allows us to plan and complete these repairs swiftly and to a high standard.

When damage occurs, we understand that a reliable, fast service is required to minimise operational, financial and Health & Safety impact for businesses. A fast and efficient solution is essential. We work with local and national authorities, commercial businesses and insurance companies, allowing us to respond quickly, offering a complete package that includes consultation, design and implementation of the most efficient and advantageous repair strategy.

Whatever the nature of the damage, we have the resources and experience to offer a safe effective solution in a timely manner and we can work with your insurance company to meet their policy requirements for repairs, ensuring you get a high-quality repair that’s within your policy guidelines.

If a full repair is going to take time we can also provide temporary works to allow your business to continue operating until such time a long-term solution can be found.


We know it’s important for you to get your site back up and running quickly, our emergency repair work is completed in three stages, initial contact and on-site assessment, remedial work to make the site safe and then the completion of design, fabrication and installation of a full repair.

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Get in touch with us straight away using the button below or by calling 01245 921230, we will arrange to send out a team to carry out and complete an initial on-site assessment to determine the structural safety of the area. This will allow us to asses the structural damage and better understand the temporary repair work needed to stabilise the remaining structure.

Emergency Stabilisation

Once this is completed our team will work with a main priority to provide emergency stabilisation and catastrophic failure avoidance.

Our team will then provide any remedial work that can be put in place for a temporary fix where possible, to allow for productivity on site to continue as smoothly as possible while a permanent solution is decided on.


Full Repair

Our team will then work to provide the designs and fabrication needed to complete the repair work to a high standard, helping to get your business running back at full capacity.

During this stage of the process, we’re happy to work with you to discover ways in which damage could be mitigated or avoided in future, such as adding a fire suppression system or using higher strength materials to avoid future damage.



If you need an emergency repair use the contact email below and our team will be in touch to arrange a site visit ASAP.


enVar: Emergency steel beam repair

When a piece of mobile machinery struck and dislodged two steel uprights holding up part of the roof of enVar’s 7,500sqm building the health and safety implications resulted in a full site shut down.

enVar contacted Red Leaf Enviro for an immediate emergency repair, after safely shoring up the roof, allowing the site to continue operations, Red Leaf Enviro then set about removing and replacing the damaged uprights.

Damaged support pillar that required emergency repair and a long term replacement

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