We offer a full turnkey service, keeping your project’s design, fabrication and installation all in one place

With a background in waste management and renewable energy our senior team have the specialist knowledge to guide you through your entire project, from design and fabrication to installation. Our insider knowledge means we can fully manage and deliver your project allowing you to focus on your business.

This unique understanding from a project management point of view means our designs are always highly functional and efficient, work within environmental regulations and make the most of your project’s footprint. By delivering all design, fabrication and installation in one turnkey package, we can provide a more cost and time effective solution for your project, avoiding common bottlenecks.

We will work with you to ensure our work meets or exceeds industry guidelines and environmental regulations set by the Environment Agency for example, providing third party verification on design and installation components when required. We believe that quality comes from diligence in all stages of a project; from ensuring designs not only conform to regulations but are also designed to make the most efficient use of space, use the best quality materials and are installed with care and precision.

Our Turnkey Service


Our experienced design team will provide all the structural and technical drawings required, along with fabrication and erection plans for your project, taking into account your requirements, building regulations and Environmental Agency guidelines, to create efficient designs that meet the required regulations.


We fabricate the steelwork for your project
in-house, working directly with the design team
to ensure all specifications are met and the finished steelwork is fabricated to a high standard.


We will provide the machinery and labour required for the installation of your project. Our expert installation team will come to site and erect your project to the specifications laid out by our design team, with exacting precision.


Once a project has been completed, we can offer ongoing maintenance and inspection services, ensuring the long-term safety and security of your project. As we all know, accidents can happen, even on the most safety conscious site. For this reason Red Leaf Enviro can provide rapid emergency repairs to damaged elements on site. Ensuring a fast and safe temporary fix until a long-term solution can be fabricated and installed.

Why Choose a Turnkey Solution?

By putting the design, manufacture and installation of a project into the hands of one specialist supplier you can save time, money and worry. Red Leaf Enviro’s years of experience in construction for the renewable energy and recycling sector allow for the provision of a seamless turnkey service from start to finish. Allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

One Point of Contact

Red Leaf Enviro will be your single point of contact for the whole project, no need to manage multiple-contractors, juggle dates or trouble shoot. We’ll do that for you while keeping you up to date on how your project is progressing, leaving you free to focus on the daily running of your business.

Better Turn Around Time

You won’t need to worry about coordinating all the timings for each part of your project. Our years of experience allow us to understand how long each phase will take and the lead times for sub-contractors. Using the Red Leaf Enviro turnkey service will avoid extended downtime due to missing contractors, machinery or paperwork.

Better Quality Service

No need to worry about quality of work from unknown contractors, we only work with sub-contractors who have proven their ability to provide a high quality service. Ensuring your project is completed to the highest standards and meets all regulatory requirements.

Minimise Mistakes

Without the experience of managing large scale construction projects, it can be easy to hit unexpected road blocks. Our years of experience give us the knowledge to pre-empt these events and stop them from causing long delays.

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