We can deliver a range of projects including material storage bays, digestor tanks and retaining walls with modular concrete panels

Precast or modular concrete is an excellent building material, it is both resilient and faster to install than a traditional poured concrete structure that requires construction of formwork. Modular concrete panels are used in many situations in the recycling and renewable energy industries, they make tough material storage bays that can withstand knocks and scrapes from onsite machinery or provide a strong outer skin for an AD plant digester tank, for example.

Material Storage Bays

Material storage bays are busy areas of any recycling plant, with heavy machinery moving around it is very easy for storage bay structures to take the occasional knock. Having material storage bays made from concrete can help to ensure the bay can withstand the heavy wear that is expected of it.

Red Leaf Enviro can design and install storage bays for your recycling plant, our understanding and experience in the industry allows us to create a design that will maximise available storage and provide efficient routing for on-site machinery.

We can also repair and replace damaged modular panels and modify existing bays to provide more strength and durability, or design additional elements into the project such as steel roofing and netting to help contain smaller materials within a bay.

AD Digester Tanks

Anaerobic Digester plants require a strong outer material for their digester tanks, one that can withstand internal pressure and heat. Steel tanks are often used, but these are limited in their height and size, which in turn can limit gas productivity and feedstock throughput of the AD plant.

To maximise site efficiency in established plants, it is often required to install a digester tank that is taller than a steel tank can safely provide, in this case using modular concrete blocks to form the tank and applying a geosynthetic liner to the inside is prudent. This allows for a taller, more voluminous digester tank that can produce a higher throughput of biogas, improving efficiency, especially on sites where space is at a premium.

Red Leaf Enviro can design and install large scale digester tanks to your specification, along with the silage clamps, bund walls, drainage and haul roads needed to safely store and transport feedstock to the digester tanks.


Buckinghamshire County Council‚Äč: Replacement of fire damaged material storage bay

A household recycling centre managed by Buckinghamshire County Council experienced a serious fire in one of their materials storage bays. Which caused substantial damage to a number of concrete L-blocks within the storage bay, these blocks needed to be removed and replaced before the site could operate at full capacity once more.
The material storage bay with replaced L-blocks and steel frame for fire suppression system

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