Low impact, sustainable steel ground screw foundations for solar arrays

We understand that renewable energy plants, such as solar farms, are conscious of their environmental impact on the planet and are always looking for new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their plant. At Red Leaf Enviro we champion the use of commercial screw piles as an environmentally friendly, low impact alternative foundation system for sites such as solar power plants.

Screw piles are a fully customisable alternative to concrete foundations and are also being widely used in many temporary and permanent construction projects to help resolve common pinch points.

When installing screw piles we offer a complete turnkey service, from designing the layout of your foundation according to your requirements to load-testing and install.

Screw piles can address many bottleneck situations and provide cost and time savings for your project as well as being a sustainable alternative to concrete.

Time Constraints

Streamline your project and reduce your programme length by up to half.

Price Sensitive Project

Screw piles are comparable in price to concrete and by also reducing the length of your programme you could see a large overall cost saving.

No More Digging

Screw piles require no excavation, digging or formwork, they are simply driven into the ground and are weight bearing straight after install. No need to remove spoils from site or wait for concrete to dry. They can also be installed on sloping and uneven ground with ease.

Take The Load

Each ground screw has a typical load-bearing capacity of between 1000kg and 4000kg and can withstand substantial vertical uplift and horizontal forces.

Awkward And Tight Access

There is no heavy machinery or special access required to install screw piles meaning they can be installed in many locations, including hard-to-access and off-grid sites, even water.

Seasonal Limitations

Screw piles can be installed in most weather conditions meaning your project doesn’t have to go on hold through the winter.

Temporary Structures

Screw piles can be easily installed and subsequently removed whilst leaving little evidence they were ever there. Ideal for temporary set-ups or projects that may need to be relocated.

Environmental Challenges

With screw piles there is virtually no disruption to the landscape. No concrete also means significantly reduced carbon emissions.

Ground screws can also be used as a foundation system for site offices and storage buildings, security cameras and site hoardings, further reducing the amount of concrete used on site and in turn reducing the carbon footprint of a solar plant.

We can also cater for other construction requirements on your renewable energy site, including heavy duty concrete pad foundations for transformers and other heavy equipment, construction of steel frame offices and storage buildings.

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