We can design, fabricate and install retaining walls, bund walls and silage for a range of projects in the renewable energy and recycling sectors

At Red Leaf Enviro we understand that retaining walls are not just for retaining soil and other materials from ingress onto a site, such as a residential building or road, but also form an intrinsic part of an AD Plant’s process. Steel and Concrete retaining walls are an integral part of AD plants facilities, where space is at a premium and building regulations can be height prohibitive.

Using concrete retaining walls for silage clamps and digester tanks is common within AD plants, they allow for new digester tanks to be added to an existing site where space is at a premium, meaning additional tanks and silage clamps can be installed in sloped or otherwise unusable areas.

At Red Leaf Enviro we can design and install retaining walls for digester tanks, silage clamps, bunds and for any retaining wall needed on site. We will accurately calculate the force and load put on a tank and design the appropriate concrete or steel retaining wall solution that will provide long lasting containment of silage and methane.

Material Storage Bays

Materials storage bays are used in many industries, including material recovery/recycling facilities, for safe and tidy bulk storage of materials such as plastics, paper and aggregates including sand and hardcore. We understand these materials need to be stored safely, but with easy access for machinery to add and remove material from the bays as required.

There are a number of factors that dictate the size and materials used in the construction of a storage bay and at Red Leaf Enviro we can design, fabricate and erect material storage bays of any size and configuration depending on your needs.

Our expert knowledge of the recycling industry means our designs tick all the boxes and we can also suggest additional specialist systems and design elements, such as fire suppression systems, deflector plates or windbreaks, where appropriate, to ensure maximum efficiency and safety of the storage bay.

Silage Clamps

Silage is an integral part of any AD plant and storage of silage is important to ensure there is adequate feedstock for digesters all year long. Ensuring your site has adequate storage for silage along with a self-contained drainage system and easy access for heavy plant is key to maintaining yield.

At Red Leaf Enviro we can design and install silage clamps of any size and configuration, we have completed designs and installations on small clamps on agricultural sites to large scale clamps for high throughput AD sites. We can provide multiple configurations of retaining walls including T, L and U walls, allowing for multiple silage bay clamps to be placed alongside one another, maximising your site’s storage efficiency.

Digester Tanks

As you are aware, digester tanks are the heart of an AD Plant and so ensuring your digester tank is installed properly with failsafe concrete bases and retaining walls in place, is paramount.

Additionally, whilst steel and aluminium are the most common digestate tank material, using strong, precast concrete retaining blocks allows for the construction of larger tanks, which can be beneficial for larger scale plants.

Bund Walls

The biosecurity of an AD Plant is important. Tanks and clamps can fail and human error can occur, which can result in the release of toxic leachate and digestate on to the site and surrounding area. Red Leaf Enviro’s experience working with the sustainable energy sector allow us to provide an efficient design and installation of concrete bunds, walls and flooring for your plant, along with providing a self-contained drainage system to safely deal with run off; ensuring your plant can contain any leachate safely and securely.

Using concrete for a bund wall, over a standard earth bund ensures site biosecurity should a release of leachate occur. Earth bunds can be easily overwhelmed if large scale leachate and digestate release occurs on site; having bunds, walls and flooring within the plant made of the same material can greatly improve the speed of clean-up should failure occur, compared to gravel flooring and earth bund walls.


Bedford Borough Council: Replacement material storage bays

Red Leaf Enviro were contacted by Bedford Borough Council to provide the design, fabrication and installation of replacement storage bays on their household recycling site.

They were looking for a more efficient configuration of bay layouts, with the brief stipulating that in order to reduce waste and cost, as many of the current bays were reused as possible.

Red Leaf Enviro successfully delivered the installation on time and to the highest standard.

The material storage bay with replaced L-blocks and steel frame for fire suppression system

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