Design and installation of heavy duty concrete pads and floors for material recycling facilities and the renewable energy sector

Ensuring machinery, plant equipment and storage areas have adequate ground support that can withstand heavy use is important in keeping any recycling plant, solar plant or AD Plant running. At Red Leaf Enviro we are experts in the design and installation of heavy duty reinforced concrete pads, floors and haul roads, suitable for heavy static machinery, material storage bays, warehouses, agricultural barns, anaerobic digestion plant tanks and clamps, transformers and reactors.

Our team can complete loading calculations to provide a reinforced design that will withstand loading requirements, and our installation team will execute the design to the highest standard, ensuring the installation is completed correctly and providing you with a quality, long lasting install.

Concrete Pads

Concrete pads generally sit above the ground level, providing a tough base on which heavy static machinery can rest. We can design and install reinforced concrete pads of any size for heavy duty static machinery, or simply to raise a specific machine up from ground level.

These can be used for a range of applications across many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Bailers, separators and granulators at recycling plants
  • Transformers, batteries and inverters at solar plants
  • Storage tanks, agitators and digestion tanks at AD plants

Concrete Floors

Hard wearing concrete floors are essential to a site’s productivity and safety. Flooring needs to withstand the weight of equipment and machinery that traverse it and also stop the ingress or escape of liquids onto site. A poorly designed and installed concrete floor can quickly begin to crack, causing hazards for workers and machinery, and risking water ingress or the escape of unwanted liquids into the ground below.

At Red Leaf Enviro we can provide the optimum concrete flooring for your site’s needs, made to be strong, long lasting and resilient, installed to the highest standard to ensure quality and longevity. Our team can advise on the thickness and reinforcement materials to ensure your floor can withstand the daily stresses it will be subjected to. We can also provide retaining walls and concrete installations such as tyre and footbath areas suitable for biosecurity measures.


Dunmow Group: Concrete Storage Pad

Red Leaf Enviro were contacted by Dunmow Waste Management, a family run business with over 30 years experience in waste management and recycling, to provide a new concrete pad amidst efficiency and safety concerns, for outside material storage in their yard.

The material storage bay with replaced L-blocks and steel frame for fire suppression system

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