Design and installation of specialist concrete foundations for a range of projects including onshore wind turbines, transformers and other heavy duty machinery 

Red Leaf Enviro have a wealth of experience in the design and installation of foundations for specialist projects, including wind turbines, reactors and large scale transformers. We have a unique understanding of the specialist requirements for super weight structures and machines that allows us to undertake the specialist complex designs and installations for these projects.

We’ve designed and installed robust specialist concrete foundations for a number of clients in the recycling and renewable energy sectors, such as fixed plant cranes, material recycling facility machinery, industrial presses and milling machines. We can construct foundations that are suitable for high impact and high vibration machines such as trommels and high strength structures such as on shore wind turbines and heavy-duty transformers.

Having reliable well-designed foundations is critical to ensuring the safety and longevity of a project and this is what Red Leaf Enviro offers. Our team can take control of the whole process, providing designs up to and exceeding project requirements, using our experience to provide the best material specifications and techniques for your project. With site operatives who can complete groundworks, formworks and reinforcement before completing the installation, to ensure both the substructure and foundations are of the highest quality.

Heavy Duty Machine Pads

Ensuring foundations in material recovery facilities and renewable energy sites can cope with the extreme forces and vibrations generated by machinery is key to efficiency and longevity of a site. Having unsuitable foundations can result in financial loss from site shut-downs and risks the safety of onsite workers and visitors.

We can design and install specialist foundations for heavy machinery such as:

  • Transformers
  • Trommels
  • Bailers
  • Drum feeders
  • Sorters
  • Screens
  • Separators
  • Shears

Large Scale Pads

Some projects require large-scale concrete pads that can be thousands of square metres. The design and installation of these pads require meticulous planning and timekeeping to ensure that the workflow during construction remains at a constant level. Unlike smaller pads, where each stage of the process is completed before the next stage begins, large-scale pads require stages to be worked on concurrently. While concrete is being poured on one section of the project, groundwork and formwork need to be in the process of being completed further down the project site. Large scale pads can also require specialist pouring and pump equipment, especially when access to the project site is limited.

Red Leaf Enviro have the experience to provide an exemplary service in the design and installation of large-scale pads, our knowledge allows us to produce a work schedule that will allow for constant and consistent progress on your project. Minimising downtime while still ensuring a high-quality end product.

Wind Turbine Foundations

Red Leaf Envrio can provide design and installation of a number of different foundation types for on-shore wind turbines, including:

  • 3 Part shallow mat and 3 part beam basement foundations
  • Piled raft foundations
  • Carrying anchor foundations

Our knowledge and experience allows us to recommend the best type of turbine foundation, based on variables such as ground type, available space and location.

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