We can install or decommission heavy machinery for your material recycling facility or renewable energy site

Red Leaf Enviro have a wealth of knowledge in the installation and decommissioning of heavy equipment in both the recycling and renewables industries. Combined with our other services, we can complete any preparations in the form of groundworks, concrete pads and steel framing, or repurpose an area after machines have been decommissioned.

Our team can provide installation of MRF equipment such as conveyors, bailers, blowers, sorters and separators alongside installation of generation equipment on renewable sites, such as transformers, turbines and reactors.

Transformers, Reactors & Turbines

The safe removal of equipment from a renewable site often requires a specialist skillset due to its size and weight. Our team have completed a number of installations and the decommissioning of transformers, turbines and other heavy equipment on renewable sites. In some cases additional ground work is required to allow the safe recovery or decommissioning of a piece of equipment, such as heavy duty temporary access roads or steel framing, and Red Leaf Enviro can also carry this out.

We can also design, fabricate and install any temporary steelwork or concrete access roads needed for the removal of this equipment and complete any remedial work required such as the repair or replacement of concrete footings.

MRF Equipment

Red Leaf Enviro can provide an installation or decommissioning service for large scale material recovery machinery.

We can complete all pre-work required for a new machinery install as part of a turnkey solution, such as design, fabrication and installation of new warehousing and concrete pads, giving you peace of mind that your machine will be installed in a suitably prepared location.

Our team can also work to decommission plant from MRFs, including careful deconstruction, if required, so machinery can be set up in an alternative location, or sold on. We can provide any demolition of steel warehousing or concrete flooring, as part of the service, along with the design, fabrication and installation of new concrete flooring/steelwork or repairing any concrete or steelwork that may have been affected by the machine.


Sunskips: DecommissionING of recycling plant & new concrete pad

Red Leaf Enviro were contracted by SunSkips to decommission a disused recycling facility on one of their sites.

The old plant machinery within the facility was to be decommissioned in a way to allow it to be resold or moved to other sites. The Red Leaf Enviro team worked diligently to remove the machinery, before demolishing the building and installing a new, heavy duty concrete yard.

The material storage bay with replaced L-blocks and steel frame for fire suppression system

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