Construction and Delivery of a 43,000 sq ft Waste Transfer Site

Following the successful install of a new haul road at another of their sites in Suffolk, SunSkips approached Red Leaf Enviro to discuss the construction of a new waste transfer site in Haverhill.


SunSkips Ltd was formed in 2020 and provides a range of commercial skip hire and waste management services across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire


The construction and delivery of an entirely new 43,000 sq ft waste transfer site in Haverhill.




Sq ft site


Turnkey Project

Architects were already working on this project when Red Leaf Enviro were asked to come onboard and use our sector experience to advise on the site design and layout.  As part of this initial consultation Red Leaf conducted a value engineering review of the design to determine where costs could be made without compromising quality or efficacy.

From this point Red Leaf Enviro assisted in re-designing the site to incorporate these changes. This included amending both the parking design and relocating the weigh bridge to allow larger turning circles for the vehicles, accessing the waste storage bays, as well as sourcing and installing alternative site offices, and suggesting alternative ground coverings.

After the initial re-design Red Leaf started work on site, initially undertaking all earthworks. This involved a 450mm excavation from original ground level, building this back up to correct levels and falls with crushed aggregate and type 1 aggregate, all in preparation for the concrete to be poured. Ground works and concrete pour sequencing progressed in tandem with the main site drainage works, which included interceptors and a large-scale stormwater attenuation system, excavation of the weighbridge pit and augering of 4m deep holes to receive the steel columns for the recycling building push walls.

Once these ground works and site preparation were complete Red Leaf Enviro coordinated and managed the install of the weigh bridge (which required complex formwork and concrete pouring to very high tolerances), and the main site drainage interceptors and attenuation, all in accordance with the Environmental Agencies regulations.

As the project involved a new site access, the team also managed discussions with the owners of the unadopted road, in order that carriage works could be undertaken and a new bellmouth access could be instated, in line with planning. Once approval was achieved, the Red Leaf Team were responsible for forming and pouring the concrete for the new access.

With the concrete slab and new access in place the next task was to install the 180m perimeter security fencing including 8m site access gates and personnel gates.

With foundations completed, and security fencing instated, work could begin on the ancillary elements. The team’s focus turned to the design, construction and installation of the material storage warehouse at the rear of the site. The steel frame building, with roof and cladding to three sides and one open gable end to allow maximum access during operations, was specifically designed with an inner king post retaining wall, constructed from steel posts and pre-stressed reinforced modular concrete panels, to ensure all waste is confined in specific material bays and the outer warehouse wall is protected from damage from vehicles and heavy machinery. The warehouse was completed with lighting and a specialist fire suppression system, connected to a 60,000 litre water tank.

As part of the project, Red Leaf undertook the process of securing the connection to the mains grid by working with National Power, and carried out the entire site electrical plan, from grid connection and cable laying through, to final fix in site offices, site lighting and site power distribution.

In order to complete the project four site offices were installed on site from which the SunSkips Office and Site Staff could work on a daily basis.

Overall this turnkey project was completed in just 24 weeks, from design to commissioning. Thanks to Red Leaf’s involvement this project remained on programme and within the customer’s budget.

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